Tips for Gluten Free Dining

If you're looking for restaurants that offer gluten-free fare, you're in good company. Although only 1 in 133 people are estimated to experience Celiac disease, many more are seeking a gluten-free lifestyle for digestive issues, gluten intolerances or other health reasons.

The fame of gluten free is something restaurants have awakened to, and that's good news for you. They already realize their responsibility to accommodate the many on the gluten free path. National restaurant chains have done everything from adding gluten free sections to their menus (P.F. Chang's and Outback Steakhouse) to testing and revising ingredients to fit the category. You can find Heartland Gluten Free Pasta on the menus at Old Spaghetti Factory and Macaroni Grill.

It's easier than ever to enjoy gluten free restaurant cuisine. Follow these tips.

Check the internet. Before heading out to lunch or dinner, go online to any of several reliable websites that offer listings of restaurants, small and large, with gluten free options. For one, visit Gluten-Free Travel Site.

Download a smartphone app. Install a smartphone app from Gluten Free Registry, for example, and get the goods on nearby gluten free friendly restaurants while you're out and about.

Ask your server. Gluten free pasta has become quite popular and is an easy and delicious way restaurants have found to satisfy diners on gluten free diets. Ask your server about the restaurant's pasta choices.

Offer feedback. If you're happy with your restaurant's gluten free fare, offer encouragement by letting them know, either on their Facebook page or by filling out a customer comment card. (It may lead to more selections later!) If there are no gluten free options, speak up and make a difference.

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