Hidden Vegetable

Heartland Pasta brings you another step closer to your dream of serving your family nothing but healthy, nutritious meals. It's our new Heartland Hidden Vegetable line of Thin Spaghetti, Small Penne and Twisted Elbows Pasta.

Through a perfect blend of carrots, sweet corn and squash, Heartland Hidden Vegetable Pasta provides a full serving of vegetables in each 100 gram portion. That makes it even easier to achieve the USDA Dietary Guidelines' recommendation to make produce account for half of the food on your plate and grains, such as pasta, a quarter of the plate.

Plus, there's no flavor sacrifice with Hidden Vegetable pasta. It tastes and cooks like the traditional pasta you have loved all your life. It simply makes healthy eating even more attainable.

Whether you are looking to sneak more veggies into your meal time without the family noticing or just trying to enhance dinner with more vegetables, Heartland Hidden Vegetable is the pasta for you.