All About Pasta

Pasta for a Healthy Lifestyle

Feel good about the flavorful, hearty dish you put before your family. It's bound to happen when you choose one of our Heartland Pasta products. Pasta not only has timeless appeal; it is one of the greatest values for your money (a little goes a long way!) with so many nourishing uses. Plus, Heartland Pasta is a great choice for a healthy, active lifestyle. All of our pastas have many health benefits, such as:

  • Pasta carbs are complex carbohydrates that help your body sustain energy
  • With its low glycemic index, pasta does not cause blood sugar to rise quickly
  • For those watching their cholesterol, Heartland Pasta is naturally cholesterol free and low in sodium
  • Pasta is low fat with 7 grams of protein per serving
  • With approximately 200 calories per serving, pasta is a filling meal option

As the quintessential comfort food, pasta is simple to prepare and serves as a filling foundation for other nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, olive oil, tomato sauce, and meat or fish. It's just a fact - Heartland Pasta is a great choice for you and those you love, and easy on the wallet, too. Visit our product pages for more nutrition information.

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